Why I’m Running

Tiffany’s running for Attorney General to solve the problems facing Arizonans, many of which have personally impacted her and her family.

If you are not saying no to injustice, you are saying yes. Growing up, that meant standing up to bullies, and in kindergarten, I learned that if you’re going to stand up for what’s right, you’ve got to be prepared to fight when I challenged a third-grader who was bullying us in the lunch line.  But, even as a kid, I wasn’t going to stop standing up to bullies just because it sometimes led to a fight.

Now, the stakes are higher than the elementary school lunch line and if we do not stand up for what is right and protect the vulnerable, our community, our state, and our country we are complicit with the bullies.  

That’s why I became a lawyer.  I saw people in my community being taken advantage of or unjustly pushed around by the bully of the moment and I realized that many times, the law was the best way to protect them and to stand up for what is right.

At the University of Arizona College of Law, I focused on business, water, and natural resources, because, coming from a farming community, those were the issues that most impacted my family and our neighbors. And most of the time, standing up for them meant pushing back on what the government was doing to them with regulations.

Over the last 27 years, I’ve gone toe to toe with both the Arizona and the federal government when they have overstepped, especially when they have tried to destroy our businesses and communities with regulations for the sake of regulation, and take our land and the water we all rely on.  

But as big as those challenges were, I have never seen anything as dangerous as what Arizona is facing now. 

The Biden Administration, backed by socialist Democrats in Washington and progressive Big Tech, is working to do more harm to Arizona than we have seen in generations. They have to be stopped. 

Living on a drug and human trafficking route, I’ve seen firsthand what the Biden administration’s policies at the border are doing. It is real, and it is a crisis. Radical liberal open border policies are giving free rein to drug cartels and human traffickers, directly threatening Arizonans’ safety, all while liberals work to defund our police.

As a business owner, I am watching the new administration actively work with unprecedented disregard for the rule of law to erase the progress we have made on the economy. They are directing and empowering unaccountable socialist bureaucrats, who are killing Arizona jobs with excessive and unnecessary regulation. Consistently siding against our workers and job creators.

As a conservative, I’ve watched progressive Democrats in Congress pass laws that trample on our Constitutional rights, while their woke allies in Big Tech use their monopolies to try to bully and cancel us.

I’m running for Attorney General because I’ve been standing up to bullies my whole life and I’m not going to sit back and watch these new socialist bullies harm the people of my community and my state without a fight. 

As Attorney General, I won’t be passive or weak. I will wake up every day and go to fight for the people and state I love. I will hold the line.

And if Big Tech wants to cancel conservatives in Arizona, they’ll have to start with me – and as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the state, I promise you, they’ll regret it.

The progressives may control Washington, DC, but, with your support, we can stop them from destroying Arizona with their America last policies.  

Some may read this and think this is an activist approach to being Attorney General, and that Attorney Generals should approach the job from a strictly legal position of just representing the state in a few matters and sitting on the sidelines not saying no to government overreach, injustice, and the trampling of constitutional rights. Well, I am an activist and I don’t like bullies. If you want a passive Attorney General, then I am not the candidate for you. As the people’s lawyer, I will always use the law, the Constitution to protect our people, our way of life, and the Great State of Arizona.

As Attorney General, I won’t be passive or weak.

I will wake up every day and go to fight for the people and state I love.

“I’ll target the drug cartels and human traffickers with every means possible to destroy their evil organizations and enforce Arizona’s laws at the border even if the federal government won’t enforce theirs.”

“I’ll stop the dangerous progressive effort to defund our police, using seized money from organized crime to make sure our officers have the resources they need. With the RICO dollars from going after organized crime, I will fund our police.”

“I’ll secure our elections, so every Arizonan can have confidence in the integrity of the results.”

“I’ll fight the Biden administration in court to stop job-killing overregulation and its blatant disregard of the rule of law and our state and federal constitutions.”

“I’ll always protect Arizonans’ constitutional rights – including our Second Amendment rights.”