Tiffany Shedd Sounds Alarm Over Rural AZ Ballot and Voter ID Crisis


July 21, 2022

ELOY, Ariz. —  Arizona Attorney General candidate Tiffany Shedd and her family received new Pinal County-issued voter ID cards several weeks ago that incorrectly listed their city as Casa Grande instead of Eloy. Tiffany immediately brought this to the attention of Pinal County election officials, but her concerns were sharply dismissed.

After ballots were mailed, Pinal County admitted that they sent 65,000 voters incomplete ballots and an unknown number of voters ballots without the municipal races they were eligible for. The Pinal County spokesman blamed the issue on “human errors”.

“Pinal County ignored our complaints. It is incompetence at best, and voter disenfranchisement at its worst.” Tiffany said, “I wonder if they had taken our complaints seriously if we would have avoided this. Their indignant response to our complaints is unfitting of elected officials. Elections don’t belong to the government, they belong to the people. There are tens of thousands of bad ballots in circulation and an unknown number of rural voters are being denied the opportunity to vote.”

After being told to stop her inquiries by Pinal County, Tiffany filed an online complaint with the Attorney General’s Office’s Election Integrity Unit. Without civil subpoena power, however, she’s concerned that they will have limited ability to investigate this mess. In response, Tiffany is setting up “Tiffany’s Tipline” to give voters a place to report election issues

“I’m sounding the alarm. We can’t afford to sit idly by and let hostile election officials dismiss our concerns and damage the little confidence we have left in our elections. I will always fight for fair, legal, and competent elections.”

Tiffany Shedd is a business and natural resource attorney, lifelong Arizonan, mother, business owner, and farmer. She is running for Arizona Attorney General. Learn more about Tiffany and read her 14-point border plan at