Tiffany Shedd Releases 14-Point “Border Plan that Actually Works”

Tiffany Shedd Releases 14-Point “Border Plan that Actually Works”

ELOY, AZTiffany Shedd, candidate for Attorney General, released her 14-point plan to fix the border crisis this morning. Shedd lives on her 1200-acre farm 90 miles from Arizona’s southern border — right in the center of three notorious smuggling routes utilized daily by the Cartel.

“I go home to this crisis every night regardless of whether I hold elected office,” Shedd explained. “I am invested in solving this problem. I am not marketing a shiny plan to check the box on a political platform. My plan is bold but practical, and it allows us to make the most of existing laws and resources that are being misused or ignored.”

“My plan cracks down on human smuggling and technology companies who aid and abet crime at the border, unifies intelligence information, stops cities and counties from ignoring our laws and going rogue, and holds the federal government accountable,” Shedd offered, “And that is just the beginning.”

Of her opponents’ border plans, Tiffany urged voters to be discerning: “Not all plans are created equal, and quite frankly, several literally will not work. You have to have skin in the game and to live and breathe this struggle on a daily basis. I have been raising the alarm on the border for over 20 years. This is not a photo-op at the border for my campaign, it is why I’m running.”

Shedd is a business, water, and natural resources attorney, lifelong Arizonan, farmer, and business owner. She resides with her family in Eloy, Arizona.

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