Issues – 2022

Protecting Life

  • I am pro-life because every one of us is of great worth because we are created by God.  In communist countries a person’s worth is based on their usefulness to society.  As we age we all become less useful to society, the unborn are less useful to society, those with illnesses are less useful to society.  That is why it is so important that in America we do not base a person’s worth on what they can do, but on who they are as a creation of God.  So whether it is protecting the unborn or advocating for those with disabilities or the elderly I will always defend and protect life.  The basis of all of our inherent rights under the US and Arizona Constitutions flow from the premise that we are intrinsically worthy.


Read My Full Border Plan

  • The Federal Government has failed us and I have seen it first hand for over a decade. It will be my responsibility to protect and defend you from the invasion at our Southern Border. If you value human life, you must value border security.

    I am 90 miles from the border, yet I am right in the middle of three notorious Cartel smuggling routes. This isn’t a border problem, it’s an Arizona problem. I’ve watched border patrol chase illegals into my yard countless times, and I’ve seen my neighbors and friends suffer losses at the hands of foreign criminals. This fight is personal. I live on a fourth generation farm and I cannot and will not walk away from it. We are American Citizens and have a Constitutional right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness wherever we call home. We should not have to abandon our family, friends, and generational property because the Federal Government has chosen to abdicate its duty. Every day I go home to the reality of an unsecured border and I am the only candidate in this race that lives with those realities. I am the only candidate with a real incentive to go beyond talking points and weak proposals to fix the problem. Let me be clear — as attorney general I will declare war on the Cartel. I will fight, and I will not abandon the people of Arizona.

Freedom of Religion

  • Our freedom to worship as we choose is a fundamental right that is codified in the first amendment to the US Constitution.  As Attorney General I will always fight to prevent government from interfering with a person’s right to pray, attend church, or teach their children.

Second Amendment

  • I oppose all laws infringing upon our right to bear arms and protect ourselves from criminals, foreign invasion, or a tyrannical government.  I am opposed to the current gun legislation passed by Congress this year and will fight it in court, or join with a state in a more favorable circuit court to fight it, should I be elected.  I am also opposed to regulations that target the manufacturing of ammunition etc. I do support enhanced security of our schools.  It is unbelievable to me that we have more security in banks, casinos and government offices than we do schools.  Taking guns away from good guys is not the answer.

    I am an absolute no on red flag laws and publicly fought against Ducey’s red flag legislation in 2018.  Red flag laws not only violate the second amendment but also generally violate the 1st, 4th, and 5th and the Arizona Constitution as well.

    I support constitutional concealed carry and have my concealed carry permit, and do exercise that right.  I would like to see Arizona pass campus carry, as well as not invest in or do business with companies that discriminate against gun businesses such as Bank of America and UPS.

    As to Bruen I support Americans’ right to carry a firearm inside and outside their home and as an Arizonan it is unbelievable to me that this would ever be questioned.

    Finally, as AG I would not give an inch on the second amendment to the US Constitution or Arizona’s Constitutional right to bear arms which is even more broadly written and pro self-defense of person and our state.  Article 2 Section 26  reads that The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired…..  Just as important as the right to own a gun is the right to use it to protect oneself or family.  As AG it will be my mission to make sure that liberal county attorneys do not ruin a law abiding citizen’s life because they engaged in legal self defense.

    The border is a nightmare and I could not live on our farm without firearms to protect our family.

Parental Rights

  • I will be the first Arizona Attorney General with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, who is a homeschool Mom for over 20 years and served on a school board.  Parents have the right, as well as the responsibility, to direct their children’s upbringing in a manner consistent with their beliefs and with knowledge of each child’s unique needs, talents, and abilities.

    In America our children belong to families and not to the government. I have been fighting for parental rights for over 20 years and as attorney general I will bring the entire weight of the office to bear on protecting families from any form of government overreach.

    The state of Arizona recognizes this fundamental right, and therefore has a robust set of laws that protect parental rights to direct a child’s upbringing, education, and health care. It is time those laws are defended and enforced.

Election Integrity

  • The attorney general is tasked with enforcing election laws.  Let me be clear, election statutes are laws and not suggestions.  The right and responsibility to vote is the basis of our Constitutional Republic.  Elections do not belong to the government, they belong to the people.  As your next attorney general I will prosecute anyone who commits election fraud and enforce Arizona’s law to make sure our elections are run correctly.  This issue has really hit close to home as my family and I have been fighting for our right to vote and have correct ballots in 2022.