Tiffany Shedd’s Border Plan that Actually Works

As Attorney General, my one Constitutional mandate is to protect and maintain your individual rights.

The Federal Government has failed us and I have seen it first hand for over a decade. It will be my responsibility to protect and defend you from the invasion at our Southern Border. If you value human life, you must value border security.

I am 90 miles from the border, yet I am right in the middle of three notorious Cartel smuggling routes. This isn’t a border problem, it’s an Arizona problem. I’ve watched border patrol chase illegals into my yard countless times, and I’ve seen my neighbors and friends suffer losses at the hands of foreign criminals. This fight is personal. I live on a fourth generation farm and I cannot and will not walk away from it. We are American Citizens and have a Constitutional right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness wherever we call home. We should not have to abandon our family, friends, and generational property because the Federal Government has chosen to abdicate its duty. Every day I go home to the reality of an unsecured border and I am the only candidate in this race that lives with those realities. I am the only candidate with a real incentive to go beyond talking points and weak proposals to fix the problem. Let me be clear — as attorney general I will declare war on the Cartel. I will fight, and I will not abandon the people of Arizona as your next Attorney General.

The Plan

Arizona has lost operational control of our southern border to a multibillion dollar organized foreign criminal Cartel due to the federal government’s abandonment of their Constitutional duty under Article 4 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. We are seeing humans from 150 different countries[1] smuggled into the United States. Here are some of the impacts due to our unsecured border:

  1. Massive amounts of fentanyl are being smuggled across the Arizona border causing death and destruction in all our communities – and specifically to our children.[2]
  2. Our communities are seeing higher overall crime rates and lack of respect for the rule of law.[3]
  3. Lives are being lost due to criminal actions of people who should not legally be in Arizona.[4]
  4. Sex trafficking is a major revenue source for Cartel since a human may be sold multiple times.[5]
  5. Arizona is sustaining environmental damage due to littering and fires from illegals crossing into Arizona and camping in the desert.[6]
  6. We do not know who is entering our country, making the unsecure border a national security concern.[7] Potential terrorists also use the southern border to enter the United States. CBP issued a press release after agents apprehended several people on terrorist watch lists.[8]
  7. Closure of southern Arizona hospitals due to the unreimbursed costs of treating those here illegally.[9]
  8. From education, uncompensated medical care, to increased incarcerations, illegal immigration costs Arizonans about $1.3 billion a year—or about $700 per household each year.[10] It costs even more for our ranchers and farmers, who experience constant, direct physical damage to their ranches, farms, and livelihoods from illegal immigration.
  9. On a daily basis women are sexually assaulted,[11] children are abused and men are extorted into carrying fentanyl across the border by smugglers.[12]
  10. Migrants must pay thousands of dollars to the Cartel to be smuggled across our border and if they are lucky enough to survive being smuggled by ruthless Cartel members they are forced to repay the cost by either working it off in the sex trade, drug trade or paying it back in cash.[13] This has created a situation of violent indentured servitude in the state of Arizona.[14]
    1. Defend the Governor’s authority as Commander in Chief to repel the invasion.Due to the unprecedented amount of drugs and humans flooding across the Arizona Mexico border, the activities of multi billion dollar criminal cartel organizations, and the complete dereliction of the federal government’s duty to secure our border, Arizona has the authority under the State Self Defense Clause contained in Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution to defend itself against invasion as defined in Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution. The Governor as commander in chief must act to repel the invasion. As Attorney General I will defend those actions in court.[15]
    2. Aggressively enforce and defend Arizona’s human smuggling laws. Both American citizens—and migrants—are harmed by human smuggling. Cartels use migrants as drug mules and spread deadly narcotics like fentanyl into Phoenix, killing our children before their futures begin. The Cartel does more than just use people as mules, they’re raping and assaulting the migrant women and children along the route. Then, they make these migrants into indentured slaves in America until they’ve paid back the $5-8k smuggling fee, threatening to kill them and their families back home if they don’t pay their debt. It’s a lose-lose for migrants and Arizonans—only the cartels are benefiting. Arizona’s human smuggling laws were overturned by a federal court in 2014. The Arizona legislature passed HB2696 which makes human smuggling of illegal aliens or anyone attempting to evade law enforcement a class 2 felony. Codified in ARS § 13-2323. The Attorney General’s office must make the prosecution of crimes involving human trafficking, human smuggling and drug trafficking a priority as well as rigorously defending the constitutionality of Arizona’s laws.
    3. Impound Vehicles Used for Human Smuggling. Use ARS § 28-3111 to impound the vehicles of those engaged in human smuggling.
    4. Prosecute owners of drop houses or properties used for human smuggling. ARS §13-2322 makes owning a property used as a drop house a class 2 felony.
    5. Designate and Prosecute the Cartel as a terrorist organization.Work with the legislature to designate cartels as terrorist organizations under Arizona law so that we can use the terrorism laws already on the books to seize assets and seek much stiffer criminal penalties for involvement with the Cartel. The Arizona legislature must declare cartels as terrorist organizations by changing the legal definition of terrorists under A.R.S. § 13-2301 (13) as any organizations designated by the Arizona State Legislature and removing the definition from federal control. This will unlock my ability to seize their assets, freeze their accounts, and detain and prosecute Cartel members as terrorists. See enhanced penalties at A.R.S. Chapter 23 § 13-2301-13-2323.
    6. Unify local and state law enforcement intelligence information into a Criminal Illegal Alien database. Currently, there is no unified database of information from state and local law enforcement regarding crimes and consequences due to our unsecured border. This intelligence information needs to be unified at the Attorney General’s office so that it can be used by law enforcement. The Attorney General can also use this information including every sexual assault, overdose, violent crime, drug seizure, murder etc to send to every state legislator and the governor every 24 hours so that they are motivated and educated on the actions and funding needed to protect Arizonans. Texas implemented a similar criminal illegal alien data system under Operation Lone Star and it has aided apprehensions by law enforcement as well as resulting in increasing Texas border funding to $3 billion dollars by 2023.
    7. Increase Arizona border funding. Advocate for the increased funding for border security and enforcement at a state level using the information contained in the database described in paragraph 6 above. Most of the time, we know where cartels are active, where drops are, and where smuggling is happening. I have staging areas and drop zones right by my family farm. But our border communities are severely underfunded and don’t have the resources or manpower they need to stop what they know is happening. I will work with the legislature to fund those communities and police departments.
    8. Use the bully pulpit to tell the truth about the border. I will use the platform of the Attorney General’s office to tell real stories about Arizonans and not just the statistics or what I saw on Fox news or a publicity trip to the border. The reality is more terrible than the media ever reports. The deceased 12-year old girl found on my friends property with her arm severed, mickey mouse watch still ticking. The migrant women who are given bags of morning after pills, knowing they’ll be raped almost daily on their trip across the border. A rancher just returning from hip surgery killed on his own property. My friends who returned home to find multiple dead bodies strewn on their farm after rival cartels clashed. A Nogales rancher who had 70% of his ranch burned when an illegal started a fire. These are the stories our legislators will have to face every day when they do their job. I’m not going to let them close their eyes to this problem. I will insist the media know the real stories, not just statistics, and I will email every legislator an update on the atrocities at the border every 24 hours. When Texas did this same thing, public funding for border defense went from 0 to $3 billion a year for 2023.
    9. Require counties and cities to enforce Arizona law. Partner with Arizona legislators using the 1487 complaint process to remove state funding of any county, city or town who refuses to enforce laws and prosecute crimes relating to border security and human smuggling.
    10. Crack down on tech companies. Facebook admitted to aiding human smuggling. And Snapchat—well known to be a platform for sex trafficking, crimes against children, and human smuggling—ignores law enforcement requests for their data and erases their servers every 24 hours. Our children use these apps on a regular basis. As a mother and a woman, I think about these issues a little differently. I will crack down and enforce criminal and civil penalties against any tech company that facilitates, aid, or abets illegal immigration, sex crimes, and human smuggling.
    11. Protect law enforcement and first responders. Aggressive enforcement of Arizona criminal law against anyone who assaults a peace officer or first responder. This includes city, county, state and federal peace officers. If the US Attorney’s office will not prosecute assault against border patrol and federal agents the State of Arizona will.
    12. Codify and defend Qualified Immunity for Law Enforcement in Arizona. Officers acting within the scope of their duties and training should not be subject to being sued and losing their personal assets.
    13. Build Trust and Working Relationships with Arizona’s 22 First Nations. Work with the 22 tribes’ Attorneys General to combat drugs, human smuggling, human trafficking, loss of life, and violent crime in Indian Country.
    14. Seek reimbursement and tort damages from the federal government. Take necessary legal action to require federal reimbursement for Arizona bearing the cost of border security. Sue the federal government for tort damages to Arizona and her citizens arising from their negligent and intentional mismanagement arising from their failure to secure the Arizona/Mexico border.
  1. It is time that we have elected officials that will fight for us and hold true to their oath to defend us against these foreign terrorists. We need leaders with skin in the game – elected officials that understand our border and live it. Come stay a night 90 miles from the border with me and you will see that the security of Arizona is threatened and that the plans of today are not working.I plan to take these foreign criminal organizations head on. We have an invasion on our hands and the cavalry of the federal government is not coming any time soon. It is time to take a stand and fight for Arizona.
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